Jimmy's Roots Thailand

We Touch the Ground  

Farah Mushtaq (Founder

Farah is determined to change lives through Education and ensuring that Grandpa Jim's dream lives on...

Alicia Lockwood (Fundraiser and Supporter)
A beautiful person both inside and out. She has been supporting our work since 2013. Alicia was introduced to us by Grandpa Jim and she has been part of our cause since. Her efforts have really helped Our Roots Kenya and Jimmy's Roots Thailand.
We are lucky to have her as a respected member of staff.
Khun. Pantipa Chompu (Team Leader)
A role model to many, Khun Pantipa is a highly established lady who has made a huge difference in many lives. A lady who greatly supports the concept of  spreading education in under privileged communities. Khun Pantipa is, and shall always remain one of the strongest pillars of JRT. 
Thank you for your support.

Our Partners and Supporters

Chiang Rai Football School have been generous enough to use their free time to empower the children through sports. 

We are truly grateful to them for their support. 

Individual Supporters

Mr Mushtaq Farid

Mr. Jack Kirivong brings a wealth knowledge with over 20 years of experience in charity work,

business development, and marketing. As an entrepreneur and global leader working with partners and organisations from around the world, Jack has successfully built and led international teams of diverse background.

For the past few years, Jack has been involved with Operation Smile Thailand raising funds, driving awareness, supporting new projects, and contributing to the overall mission of the organisation.
Jack has also created Holiday on Boots, a health a wellness retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The program focuses on community service and educating students, adults, and corporations on the benefits of healthy living through proper exercise and nutrition while discovering the natural beauties of the outdoors. The program has been successful in helping international schools and corporations from all over the world.

Jack has a masters degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.