Jimmy's Roots Thailand

We Touch the Ground  

                                   Who is Jimmy?

Jim Kaszynski (as I like to call him Grandpa Jim) is the reason why this project started.

He past away on 18th November 2014 with a dream to help needy communities within Ch
iang Rai District and our aim is to make it all happen.

He truly was an inspiration to many and you will know why once you
click on his picture.

 Our mission is to provide 'Educational' support where free of cost education program for the community in need. The program is dedicated to enhancing the quality of education, opportunity for success, and positive self-development for children around the world through education and mentor support.

Various vocational courses will also be introduced to the students (children and adults) in order for the community to benefit fully.

The reason why we chose to empower Mae Chan community is due to the lack of support towards stateless families and individuals. Consequently, the children are unable to pursue higher education and most of them turn to prostitution to feed their loved ones.

To preserve culture, this also is a vital part of our program, a lesson the world can learn from. It’s not about history; that information is available with a click! It is about individual stories about families and communities who stuck together during bad and good times. What they did to survive, and made things work even with so little to work with. How they used the land and each other, to just make things meet. Survival through community was their answer.

Unfortunately, in the western world, this piece of history is lost! In this fast-moving world, families are losing their family ties connection. It’s a one-click world where we get together a few times a year and miss the life stories of our ancestors. Our goal is to bring these lessons back to the world.

Another essential part of our mission is the volunteers! Most non-profits talk about their cause, but mention little how the volunteer’s lives change when they go back home. This is also an important part of our quest.

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